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Please Be Aware of Email Fraud!

Below is a email that we here at JP Investigative Group received. Please be aware that the same email fraud can also be sent to your personal email. From: ROBERT SWAN MUELLER III To: Info@jpinvestigations.com ReplyTo: fedfedbureauinvestigation@hotmail.com Subject: FUND IS AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE PAYMENT Sent: Jul 9, 2010 9:02 AM FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FBI. […]

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PI’s Declassified – Internet Radio Show

JP Investigative Group has found something else that may intrige you! “PI’s Declassified” is a internet radio show hosted by Francie Koehler that conducts interviews with different PI’s around the country to give you a small glimpse into the little known PI world. There are real life stories full of betrayal, lies, cheating, missing persons […]

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Need A Wake Up and A Chuckle?

This morning was Monday morning. Mondays always seem to be a bit gloomy. So as usual we went on a investigation to find something to brighten up our day. JP Investigative Group, Inc. has done it again! We were able to locate, investigate and report that we found the funniest private investigator stories out there. […]

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7 Reasons to Hire an Investigator

We receive several calls and emails from potential clients who state that they are going to do some initial investigating themselves. Here is a link from Sexton Executive Security to show you why you should hire a private investigator rather than doing your own investigations. It will save you lots of time and money by […]

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