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3 Types of Investigations You May Consider for Your Employees

3 Types of Investigations You May Consider for Your Employees If you own a business, you need to hire skilled and competent employees. However, if an employee is hiding something from you, this can affect you and your business down the road. Check out three common types of investigations that can help if an employee […]

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4 Tools Used By Professional Private Investigators

While a private investigator may seem like someone you only need to catch a cheating spouse, they are actually useful in many situations, ranging from finding a missing person to proving insurance fraud. If you would like to know how these professionals work, check out these four tools commonly used by professional private investigators. 1. […]

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Taking on a Business Partner? What You Should Investigate First

Are you considering forming a new business partnership or taking on a new partner? If so, you owe it to yourself and to your business to perform due diligence by investigating any potential partner. What should be included in this type of investigation? And why? Here are a few key things you need to know. […]

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6 Common Places Embezzlement or Fraud Happens Within a Company

As your business grows, expanding its reach and hiring more and more personnel, it is at increasing risk of embezzlement and financial fraud within its ranks. But sadly, such embezzlement can be difficult to spot because it can take many forms. To help your company find problems that may be eating into profits, here are […]

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