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6 Common Places Embezzlement or Fraud Happens Within a Company

As your business grows, expanding its reach and hiring more and more personnel, it is at increasing risk of embezzlement and financial fraud within its ranks. But sadly, such embezzlement can be difficult to spot because it can take many forms. To help your company find problems that may be eating into profits, here are […]

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4 Ways to Use Private Investigators in Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases have only become more complicated over the years as parents seek out sole or shared custody for their children. Going through a divorce is hard enough, but adding the child custody to the mix can become even more complicated. In many cases, the custody hearing becomes a case of he said/she said, […]

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Received a Windfall? How a Private Investigator Can Help You

Have you come into a large amount of money recently? Whether it comes from an inheritance, selling a business, winning the lottery, or your video going viral on the internet, a windfall is life-changing. But before you run down the street raining money on the neighbors, you do well to consult with a variety of […]

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Employees Working Remotely? 5 Ways a Private Investigator Can Help

Do you have a number of employees working from home? Most American companies have relaxed their rules about working remotely in order to protect employees and ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This increased distance, while largely beneficial to all, means that your company faces unique employee management issues — ranging from employee oversight […]

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