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J.P Investigative. Group, Inc is a provider of high-end, professional, confidential protection and bodyguard services. Our job is to worry about the unexpected, prepare for all of the contingencies and execute the plan so that you can focus on business or pleasure. We use only experienced law enforcement and military professional. Whether you are a professional athlete, business executive, dignitary or simply an individual wanting the best protection or consultation services. JP Investigative Group, Inc is your answer.

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The local police are usually unable or unwilling to accommodate requests for personal protection unless they have clear and convincing evidence that you are in imminent danger. Courts can issue restraining orders, but the process of attaining a restraining order takes way too long to ease any immediate fears a person may have. Even after restraining orders have been issued, the police will not provide personal protection. They merely react after court orders have been violated.

The criminal justice system in our country is designed to discourage criminal behavior by punishing criminals and making examples of them. But if you are the target of one person’s rage, obsession, or revenge plot, you are, sadly, out of luck. Try calling 911 and reporting that the way an ex-boyfriend yelled at you over the phone made you believe he was genuinely plotting to hurt you, although he never specifically said so. The 911 operator will not send a police squad to your house until your ex has barged through your door and attempted to assault you.

When the Police Will Not Help, Call Us

Here at J.P. Investigative Group, we know that your gut instinct about being in danger may very well be truer than any amount of court-admissible evidence the greatest attorney in the world may gather. Maybe you are set to testify against a powerful organization and are fearful of retaliation. Or maybe you just have that horrible feeling that a specific person is about to do something terrible.

While the police may not be responsive, we will be. When you hire us to protect you, rest assured that experienced and professional bodyguards will be sent to your home, or wherever you need protection. Having one of us at your side will make you just as safe–if not safer–as you would be if you were with an active police officer.

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