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A Private Investigator (PI) in South Carolina (also called a Private Detective) is someone who conducts investigations for different types of parties including organizations, businesses, and even private citizens. We can also work for attorneys handling criminal or civil cases on behalf of clients or defense attorneys.

At J.P. Investigations, Inc. we conduct a wide range of investigations. We can conduct investigations to search for evidence of adultery or any other kind of illegal conduct in a marriage to help our client with child custody or divorce.

We are not like other agencies, which are mostly specialized in a specific field. We also perform cohabitation investigations and cargo theft investigations as well as locate missing persons.

At J.P. Investigations, Inc. our work can go beyond normal working hours. We work based on the needs of the case, which may require contacting people and conducting surveillance. Many times people are not available during normal business hours. It is normal for us to be working on weekends, holidays, early mornings, and in the evenings.

Why do we stand out in South Carolina?

There are many reasons why we stand out in South Carolina:

  1. Licensed

When you choose us, you are working with licensed Private Investigators. It is mandatory in most states to be licensed, and it is essential for protecting the interests of the consumer. With this requirement in place, no one can just call themselves a Private Investigator and then disrupt the case. We understand the importance of a private investigator for most people because they will need such services only once in their lifetime. And, if you need these services, it is important that you get the best.

  1. Insured & Bonded

We are fully insured and bonded. The requirements can be different for different states, but almost all states require the investigation agencies working on their land be insured. When an agency is fully insured and bonded, it means that you as a client are insured and protected against anything. It may be any kind of error, omission, carelessness, or damage to property. If the agency is insured and bonded, you will be protected against lawsuits while the agency will be protected against liability.

  1. Experience in All Types of Cases

We have experience in all types of cases. We are unlike most other Private Investigation Agencies that specialize in only one specific aspect of investigations. When choosing a private investigator, you have to ensure they are experienced in the kind of investigation you are in need of. You don’t want a private investigator to be getting their training on your case. This will result in key aspects of your case getting overlooked.

  1. We Use the Latest Technology

This is the age of high-level technology, and being fully equipped with the latest tech can make you the winner when it comes to solving a case. You will come across a world of technology systems available with different private investigators and agencies. We are fully equipped with the latest technological solutions to conduct your investigation.

What Can You Expect From Us

J.P. Investigations, Inc. does the following:

Background Checks

There is nothing against checking the history of a company or a person. There is no law prohibiting it. But, in some background cases involving matters like search for outstanding warrants and in some criminal matters, federal laws can prevent reporting the information. Despite this, it is possible to find a wide range of personal information and report it. Thus, it can be quite beneficial in obtaining the services of a licensed private investigator that also happens to have police experience. Such private investigators also have the additional advantage of knowing what they are allowed to do under the law. They also already have extensive investigative experience. This enables them to effectively identify and find information sources, which will not be visible or apparent to lesser-experienced searchers.

Why J.P. Investigations, Inc. for Background Checks?

When you hire an experienced investigator, you are going to get much more than just the background information. You are also going to get the relevant documentation along with the proper interpretation required for understanding the whole situation.

It is easier than earlier to conduct your own background checks, but that doesn’t mean that you can get the full and the true story and the key details on the person being investigated. At the same time, when you deal with a potential criminal or civil case you have to ensure you don’t go beyond the law. You will also have to use the information in the most effective and beneficial way. This is where we come into the picture. When you have a well-documented background check, it will help you learn about previous misdeeds including any insurance fraud, cheating, stealing, or any other kind of acts.


If you suspect your spouse or a loved one of infidelity, you can find it too difficult to catch them or collect evidence. A private investigator, on the other hand, can collect valid evidence of infidelity by catching a cheating spouse. We can help in finding out the person they had an affair with, the places they visited, and even what they did there. A private investigator can help you reveal the facts, something you cannot do on your own.

– Documenting valid evidence for divorce

Are you going to file for divorce? Do you suspect your spouse of infidelity? Do you have any other kind of impropriety? If you have any of these problems, you should obtain our assistance. We can conduct research on your spouse while also documenting their actions. This can be of great help to you in supporting your divorce case. You can provide the valid evidence to your divorce lawyer, which can be presented at the proceedings to support your case.

Help With Child Custody

When it comes to a child custody case, private investigation services can help you in the following ways:

  1. Gathering all Facts

A child custody case can be an emotionally devastating situation for both parents. It can be a complicated time, and it will be almost impossible to provide all the essential facts because both parents will be providing information from their own perspective. At J.P. Investigations, Inc., we will check all the points provided by the parents to determine the truth. The facts can then be used based on whether they help or harm your case.

  1. Constructive Investigation

Most of the time parents carry the wrong perceptions about custody cases. They strongly believe that their primary goal with the case is to put the blame on the other party and to spread as much negativity about them. However, parents should be focusing their energies on highlighting the positive things in themselves. This is why you should hire private investigators to conduct constructive investigations focused on your high points. This can be specifically beneficial for your case.

  1. Neglect & Abuse

When children are subjected to abuse or neglect by any party, it can be a big factor in the custody case. Your focus should not be to bring disgrace to the abusing parent. If the abuse or neglect has taken place, you should focus on gathering all the proof and having it presented by your attorney. This is going to help the court and your child as well.

  1. Working Along With the System

Experienced private investigators who have worked on child custody cases know the judicial system cannot be altered quickly. Without concern how the family court system is, you cannot expect it to become perfect or the way you desire it to be. That is why you should be ready to work along with this system.

When it comes to custody placement, the court is always going to give the most amount of importance to the child’s best interests. Court is going to look at only the relevant claims. You should support your claim in a custody case by providing all the facts and figures to support your claim. And you will need to hire a private investigator to obtain all these facts and figures.

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Criminal Investigation by South Carolina Private Investigator

J.P. Investigations, Inc.’s investigative services are provided to meet the highest industry standards in professionalism and proactive services. We are always working to ensure that the specific needs of our clients are also met and that we meet the highest levels when it comes to client satisfaction.

We conduct unbiased investigations with regard to law enforcement and various other agencies. Our client will get progress reports of their investigations. Once the investigation is completed, we will present you with detailed reports.

At J.P. Investigations, Inc., our range of services includes the following criminal investigative areas (but are not limited to these):

  • Serious & Violent Crime Investigations
  • Fire Investigations
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Reviews
  • Commercial Crime & Fraud Investigations
  • Internal Investigations



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