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10 Subtle Signs your Wife or Husband is Cheating

A cheating spouse can be a blow to your self-esteem and trust in people. Don’t let them lie to you anymore. A private investigator can catch a cheating spouse through social media investigation. If you are experiencing even 1 of these 10 signs, it’s time to hire J.P. Investigative Group, Inc.

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Signs to Help you Catch a Cheater

1.They Bring Their Phone Everywhere

A partner that brings that always has their phone might seem normal in this day and age. But if they seem to need it during odd times, it might be a sign of infidelity. Not many people need their phone while they’re in the shower. See if they have a problem with leaving their phone alone with you. If that seems to be the case, don’t make a big deal out of it, it will only cause the person to get rid of any possible evidence. This also includes if he’s constantly texting someone that is not you, and he is vague about who the person is.

2. An Unexpected Showering Of Gifts

If they are suddenly giving you unexpected and lavish gifts, it might be because of their guilt from cheating. One of our private investigators at J.P. Investigative Group Inc. can do a social media investigation to tell you if they’re trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

3. They Pick Fights And Change Routine

On the opposite spectrum, if he seems to be incredibly nitpicky about your flaws, he might be comparing you to who he’s cheating with. He might use these fights to justify him leaving early, or coming home late. These shifts in routine and attitude are red flags of a cheating spouse.

4. They’re Liking Someone Else’s Post On Social Media

Sometimes who someone is cheating with is right in front of your eyes. Social media is a cesspool for infidelity. From instagram “dm’s” or direct messages, snapchats disappearing texts, and facebook’s secret mode, it is now easier than ever to have hidden illicit conversations. Pay attention to who they are interacting with on social media. They will show admiration because of their pining for the other person.

5. They Stop Talking To You

Communication is key in a relationship of any length. Having inside jokes and comfortability with your partner is what makes a relationship become something worth cherishing. If their interactions with you become one word, or vague, they might be sharing their intimate conversations with someone else. J.P. Investigative Group, Inc. can help you catch a cheating spouse if you feel they are no longer invested in your relationship.

6. They’re Gaslighting You

Deflection and denying are classic signs of a cheater. If you confront their suspicious behavior, they call you crazy or irrational. They might accuse you of being jealous. Avoid their lies and have one of our personal investigators perform a social media investigation to see if your suspicions are true.

7. He or She Gets Defensive About His Whereabouts

A cheating spouse has a lot of stress trying to enjoy their 2nd life, while simultaneously hiding it from you. That can make them on edge. A simple question of where they were can trigger a rage that is not normal. They might switch between becoming incredibly defensive, or over-blabbing and telling you every detail, if only to have you believe they have nothing to hide.

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8. There Are Issues In The Bedroom

When a cheating spouse has to please multiple people, someone is going to get the short end of the stick. You might notice a lack of affection.

9. He Has A Sudden Change In Taste And Appearance

When someone is infatuated, they want to do things to impress them, like a peacock. A sudden change in music could me he was recently introduced to it by someone, and wants to impress that person. A sudden interest in their physique and clothes can also mean they are trying to catch the eye of another.

10. He’s Secretive With Financial History

A cheating spouse has to buy gifts for the person they’re attracted to, but somehow hide this from their spouse. This might mean setting up a new checking account, or connecting a prepaid card to it. Our private investigators at J.P. Investigative Group, Inc. can do social media investigations and other research to find out what and who your significant other is hiding.

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When you lose trust in your significant other, it can cause a myriad of problems. Lost sleep, stress, anxiety, and paranoia can all become possible just from wondering if your significant other is cheating. Reach out to us at J.P. Investigative Group, Inc. today.

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