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Social Media Investigation

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Sometimes the truth is right in front of our face and we can’t see it. From the late night texts or excuses, it can take a lot to get someone’s imagination going. Let us at J.P. Investigative Group put your worries to rest with our social media investigation.

What Is A Social Media Investigation?

When it comes to our spouses, the betrayal of lies and deception can be painful. Reaching out to a private investigator will help get you the evidence you need. Whether you’re married or just in a serious relationship, cheating is never deserved. Let us find the evidence you need with our social media investigation experts. Our investigative team scours the target’s social media accounts, and provides you with the evidence you need for your case. Hire an investigator for social media today by giving us a call!

Why Do I Need A Social Media Investigation?

A social media investigation is a type of defense or a type of tool. One of our private investigators will find social media accounts the person might or might not have let you known about. From there evidence can be gathered, helping you solidify your case. A social media investigation is also a great opportunity to find more information about who you are considering hiring for a business. A resume is a great first step in determining if someone is right for your company, but adding social media investigation to your background check will dive further into the person’s motives for needing a job in the first place.

Why Should I Find Social Media Accounts?

We at J.P. Investigative Group highly suggest keeping track of any social media accounts your target has. We will be able to use these, and accounts linked by mutual friends, to get the detailed information you seek for a case or hiring issue. When doing your own preliminary research, screenshots of specific posts, statuses, and pictures are the best evidence, especially if the person suspects an investigation is taking place. People can delete posts at any second, so any evidence found must be documented immediately.

We can help provide the solace you need to settle your brain of the constant what-ifs. Don’t let suspicion fester, get the answers you need by giving us a call today!

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Why Hire A Private Investigator For Social Media?

Social media accounts are the new way people interact with the world. A social media account can verify biographical information you have, confirm someone’s interests and hobbies, and could even let you know their day-to-day activities. We at J.P. Investigative Group use social media investigation tools to scour every single account your target could have, and create the findings into useful, clarifying information. This information can help catch a cheating spouse, help in child custody investigations, and can help you decide if a potential hire is the best person for your time.  Let us at J.P. Investigative Group do the detailed work of a social media investigation. Give us a call today explaining your situation, and we’d be happy to provide a quote and explanation of our services, tailored to your needs.



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