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Embezzlement Investigations

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Business Fraud & Embezzlement Investigations

As a business owner, you want to be certain you employ staff members you can trust. When an employee violates that trust by stealing from the company, it can be equal parts financially and emotionally devastating. Before you take disciplinary action or consider embezzlement investigations and charges against the suspected employee, however, it is essential to have concrete proof that, in fact, embezzlement is occurring. Hiring an experienced and reliable private investigator to conduct thorough, accurate and fair Charlotte embezzlement investigations is the best way to make sure your suspicions are confirmed before proceeding with the disciplinary or legal action.

Regardless of the size of your business, you are susceptible to embezzlement of varying degrees of complexity. Whether it is a cash register attendant pocketing the occasional $10 bill or a multi-million dollar scheme, embezzlement hurts the integrity of the company, lowers morale, and destroys the trust between a company owner and his or her staff. If the suspected embezzlement is on a fairly large scale, it can also cause serious financial damage from which your business may never fully recover. In other words, employee embezzlement is a huge deal and is currently the leading cause of business losses suffered by owners of companies small and large.

Conducting Charlotte embezzlement investigations is not all that different from investigating other forms of employee misconduct, and the size and scope of the investigation depend largely upon the seriousness and amount of theft. Because such an investigation can be deeply entrenched in legal and ethical issues regarding the employee’s rights under the protection of federal and state laws, it is best to have an experienced private investigator, rather than the employer, conduct an embezzlement investigation. The professionals at JP Investigations are well-versed in the laws and regulations surrounding employees and their rights during an embezzlement investigation, and therefore take extra care to avoid missteps that are not in compliance with the employee’s legal protections.

Protect your Business from Embezzlement

Once the embezzlement investigation is complete, a private investigator is able to determine whether the suspected theft occurred, whether the suspected employee is, in fact, responsible for the theft, and has collected enough court-admissible evidence to back up the employer’s claims. Once you have your private investigator’s findings, you can then seek legal action and press charges, or simply discipline or terminate the employee, depending on the level of severity. In any case, you can move forward knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not falsely accusing an employee of wrongdoing.

J.P. Investigative Group is the leading Charlotte private investigator with a wealth of experience in Charlotte embezzlement investigations. We are committed to handling each case with care, courtesy, and expertise, and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to enhance our creative and skilled investigative work to gather the evidence you need and help you successfully close your case. We are licensed in 14 states including North Carolina, and proudly serve residents of Charlotte and surrounding areas. Call toll-free today to schedule an initial consultation with a friendly, helpful representative: 877-990-2111. We are standing by to help you!


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