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Corporate Investigations

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Any human resources professional will attest that conducting a corporate investigation and then accusing an employee of fraud/theft can lead to lawsuits and even newspaper headlines.  Go after the wrong person, and the company winds up looking terrible.  Upper-level executives can lose their jobs for using poor judgement in terminating someone without just cause.  Employers are much better off leaving hard-to-crack cases up to professional corporate investigators.

Corporate Investigations by Experienced Professionals

Investigators who specialize in corporate investigations know how to question people, sort through documents and records, and analyze money flow in a way that is completely legal and non-threatening to employees.  They also know which questions to ask, and how to pick up on verbal and nonverbal cues that give guilty parties away.  Professional investigators have years of experience in both public criminal justice and private investigating, giving them a clear advantage over people within the company.

Here at JP Investigative Group, the goal of our corporate investigators is to not only reveal truth but also to gather court-admissible evidence.  When the truth has been discovered, the facts can be presented by our investigators in a fashion that leaves no room for denial.  Whether the company wants to pursue legal action is up to them, but companies do have that option after we solve their cases.

We are a fully licensed private investigation firm.  Anyone we send to your company will have a professional license and has solved cases similar to yours in the past.  We operate tactfully, within the law, and with utmost professionalism.


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