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Every sneak, crook, and criminal knows it can be very difficult to prove something happened without an eyewitness. Corporate and Insurance Fraud is on the rise during difficult economic times. Accusations of theft/fraud founded on suspicion rarely accomplish anything. The accused is either innocent and denies the allegations/fraud, or is guilty and does the same. Surveillance services can come in handy for these cases.

Private Investigator Video Surveillance Service Is 100 Percent Reliable

Not one of us can be at more than one place at a time, but we can set up private surveillance and investigations to serve the purpose of an extra pair of eyes. In many instances, video is actually better than an eyewitness. After all, the accused can always counter-accuse a human witness of lying. Video footage, on the other hand, is incontestable.

In many instances, you discover a person’s true character when she believes nobody is watching. The person who has been damaging your property at night could be the upstanding citizen who lives next door. The employee who steals valuables from the office might be the employee of the month. Surveillance services are beneficial to find the truth. From employee theft to catching a cheating spouse, surveillance services will find the truth.

Top Surveillance Services in North Carolina

Here at J.P. Investigative Group, we specialize in investigations and surveillance services. Whether you need to find out if an employee has been committing internal corporate fraud against your company, or you want to pursue workers compensation and disability insurance investigations, our video will reveal the truth. We also have extensive experience in surveillance services, and our team of SIU professionals never get caught by the people we are paid to watch. Your confidentiality and safety are guaranteed when you trust us to catch the truth on film.

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