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Child Custody Investigation


Protect Yourself and Your Child with Child Custody Investigators 

Divorce is an extremely painful time, not only for the spouses involved, but most especially for the children. Unfortunately, it’s common for exes to use any tactic possible to get custody of their children in order to punish their spouse. We can help with child custody investigations in Charlotte NC. 

You need to protect yourself with the truth to prevent a vindictive spouse from keeping you from your children. J.P. Investigative Group performs child custody investigations in South Carolina, giving you a reliable way to defend yourself and your children.

The Problem of Custody Battles

The best defense of your children is the truth. However, oftentimes spouses that have bad behaviors will not only hide them, they will falsely accuse another spouse to deceive the judge into giving them greater custody rights. This is more likely now, because South Carolina now prohibits awarding the mother custody automatically when the child is young. Because a legal fight is more likely, there is a greater incentive to lie.

Defending Your Child’s Interests

If your ex is engaged in risky behavior or is trying to manipulate the judge, you need a way to fight back. You may already know what behaviors your ex is engaged in, but you need hard evidence to prove it. Without a proper child custody investigation, a South Carolina judge will be unable to consider the full truth. Our job is to find evidence for you, and testify in court so a judge can truly determine what is in the best interest of your children.

What We Do for You

J.P. Investigative Group’s former law enforcement and government investigators will find evidence that protects you and your children. Our experts in surveillance will discover if your ex is trying to hide something from the court proceedings. We train our employees to look for evidence of alcoholism, physical and psychological abuse, infidelity, and other issues that would show your ex to be a risky parent. If your spouse is lying or engaged in any of these behaviors, our professionals will testify in court on your behalf.

Act Today

With divorce cases becoming more complicated, there is a lot more at stake. You need a way to protect yourself and your children from being victims of fraud and bad behavior on the part of your former spouse.

We have staff available 24/7 to hear your case. Call us or fill out a free consultation form and we will pair you with a professional child custody private investigator in South Carolina today.

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