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Disability Insurance Fraud


Disability insurance is one of the best offerings a company can give its employees, but it is easy to see how it can lead to fraud. A clear conflict of interest exists between an employee and the company. Most people would agree that getting paid for doing no work sounds appealing, and we all know that the last thing any company needs is additional payroll with no output.

While the majority of workers have too much pride to feign injury, thousands of disability insurance cases each year are more than questionable. A disability claim that states, someone is in too much pain to work can be difficult to refute. Some employees stage accidents and then pretend to be injured too severely to work. This allows them to receive a partial paycheck, and either stay at home or work a second job off the books while retaining tax legitimacy and the disability insurance benefits offered by the company.

Hire Us for Disability Investigations

Here at J.P. Investigative Group, we can evaluate legitimate disability insurance cases from fraud by conducting surveillance, background checks/investigations, monitoring people’s outside work, and uncovering any suspicious fund transfers between people who may have corroborated in a disability insurance fraud claim. If you are a human resources professional, a small business owner, or a manager, never put yourself in a situation where you must accuse someone of disability insurance fraud without sufficient evidence to support your claims.

We employ the most professionally trained disability insurance fraud investigators you will find anywhere in the world. When someone is committing fraud about an injury, they eventually reveal themselves in some way. The trick is being there when that happens and producing court-admissible evidence to persuade any lawyer, judge, or jury that the disability insurance claim is invalid. We can accomplish this within days for you.

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