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When you need a private investigation company to help you find the truth in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can trust the private investigator services of J.P. Investigative Group, Inc., to help you. We have over 25 years of experience in law enforcement and private investigations combined, and we pride ourselves in providing professional, private, and thorough investigations for each and every one of our clients.

Located in Charlotte, NC, we’re proud to offer our private investigative services in all States that we serve. JPI can assist with a variety of investigative services, including insurance investigations, corporate investigations, legal investigations, civil or domestic investigations, criminal investigations and government investigations. For experienced, high-quality investigative services at competitive prices, J.P. Investigative Group is here to help you.

The experienced private investigators at J.P. Investigative Group pride themselves upon maintaining the highest ethical standards and professional intelligence techniques. Our clients’ protection is our top priority, and we conduct all investigations with the utmost confidentiality and integrity to bring you the best possible service that you can trust. J.P. Investigative Group, top private investigator of Charlotte, NC, is proud to bring you the best investigative services while still maintaining affordable prices. As a leading private investigator for hire, our goal is to go above and beyond for each of our clients to provide them with the quality investigative work they need and deserve.

So, whether you need civil or business investigator, call us now!

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Even knowing how we can help you, you may wonder whether you actually need a private investigator. Whether you need our help for your commercial dispute or your domestic infidelity suspicions, we bring the experience and professionalism you need to the table.

We can conduct background checks, gather evidence, use advanced equipment, and handle legal procedures with ease. We know how to conduct a thorough investigation that will uncover the truth. This leaves you time to cope and handle any stress without the need to take on the investigation yourself.

We’re a woman-owned company that takes pride in offering the best investigative services in the Carolinas, so if you need private investigative services for any reason, you can rely on us. Call us at 877.990.2111 to get started.

The National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS) keeps J.P. Investigative Group up to date with federal and state laws affecting the private investigation industry. Our firm serves clients throughout the area of our home office in Charlotte, NC, licensed in Nineteen States, soon to be twenty.



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