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Non-Compete Investigations

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What Does “Non-Compete” Mean?

As part of the employee onboarding process, new hires are often asked to sign a document called a Non-Compete Agreement. While this may seem like just one more form to sign during the hiring process, it is important that both the employee and the employer understand what this agreement entails. A non-compete agreement basically serves to clarify that the employee will not start a similar business which directly competes with the company they are being hired with , nor will they take a job with a direct competitor of the company or release any trade secrets or inside information about the company to a competitor. The non-compete agreement is legally binding, and an employee or former employee found to be in violation of it can find themselves in serious legal trouble. Before taking legal action against an employee whom you suspect of violating their non-compete agreement, it is necessary to make absolutely certain that your suspicions are correct. Thorough and professional private Charolette non-compete investigations can give you the proof you need and collect the evidence that will be necessary to proceed with legal repercussions for the offending employee.

Non-Compete Investigation in Charlotte

J.P. Investigative Group is licensed in fourteen states, including North Carolina, and can successfully investigate the employee or former employee whom you suspect of violation of his or her non-compete agreement violation so that you can proceed with the disciplinary or legal action you wish to take. Our investigators are highly experienced in conducting non-compete investigations that provide you with more than enough court-admissible evidence to present when seeking legal retribution for their violation. Let us help you get the answers you need before you make the decision to take legal action against your employee using our years of expertise and access to state-of-the-art investigative equipment.

Charlotte, NC Licensed Private Investigative Group

If you wish to speak with one of our licensed, experienced private investigators about conducting Charolette non-compete investigations, contact J.P. Investigative Group toll-free at 877-990-2111 today. We will schedule a no-obligation initial consultation with an investigator who can help you with your case and get you the evidence you need to proceed with your litigation. Let a professional assist you with your investigation so you know you have everything you will need to build your court case. Call today!


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