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Arson Investigation

A restaurant owner needs a new kitchen but cannot afford one. The cost of upgrading the existing equipment is well over $100,000. A fire destroys the kitchen, and an insurance company must honor its contractual obligation and pay for the new cooking equipment that the restaurant owner wanted all along. Was this an accident? Is the restaurant owner just plain lucky that a fire, which was ignited long after all employees had gone home for the night, saved him $100,000? Maybe, and maybe not.

Arson costs insurance companies over $1 billion annually. Professional arsonists are seasoned at staging fires to look like accidents, making arson very difficult to prove. Insurance companies often pay to repair damages despite their suspicions of foul play. The only alternative is to launch an arson investigation, which, if conducted by professionals, costs pocket change compared with repairing actual damages.

Arson Investigation Protects the Innocent

Insurance companies are not the only ones who can benefit from arson investigations. Lawyers who are defending wrongly accused citizens, and ordinary people who believe they have been targeted by arsonists can also hire professional investigators to uncover the truth. Every arsonist attempts to commit the perfect crime, but very few succeed. Arson investigators know exactly what to look for to find out what really happened.

Here at JP Investigative Group Inc., we specialize in conducting thorough arson investigations. Our team of investigators have been uncovering crimes their entire professional careers. While other private investigation companies may require several weeks to assess a situation, we respond with complete reports and gather courtroom admissible evidence within a few days. If you believe you are on the losing end of arson, give us a call at 1-877-990-2111.


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