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3 Examples of When to Hire a Child Custody PI

If you are going through a nasty custody battle with your former spouse, the most important thing is to make sure your children remain safe, well-protected, and cared for throughout the ordeal. This can be difficult if you have been ordered by the court to let your children spend time with your ex for visitation, especially if you have reason to believe that they are being placed in dangerous or negligent situations. A private investigator can conduct child custody investigations to determine whether your ex-spouse is fit to share custody of your children. Here are three times it’s a good idea to get a child custody PI involved.

You Suspect Physical Abuse

If your children are showing any signs of physical abuse upon returning from visits with their other parent, it is essential to put an immediate stop to visitation in order to protect them. However, it can be difficult to quickly and effectively prove to a court of law that physical abuse is taking place. If your children are exhibiting classic signs of abuse, such as unexplained bumps or bruises, you should hire a private investigator without delay.

You Suspect Negligence

Do your children come home from visitation with their other parent looking like they haven’t been properly cared for by your ex-spouse? If it appears that your children haven’t been bathed, or if they talk about being hungry, being left at home alone, or any other potential causes for major concern, it is in your best interest to contact a private investigator to conduct a thorough child custody investigation.

You Suspect Illegal Activity

If your children come home with stories of any illicit activity, such as drug deals, substance or alcohol abuse, or any other illegal practices, it is best to hire a private investigator to see what your ex-spouse is doing. Your children should not be anywhere near any suspicious or illegal behavior that could potentially put them in harm’s way. A comprehensive child custody investigation can get you the evidence you need to put a stop to court-ordered visits and prosecute your ex-spouse for participating in these illegal activities.

No matter what may be happening on court-ordered visits between your ex and your children, hiring a private investigator to conduct a child custody investigation can give you the peace of mind you need. If your investigator finds any evidence of suspect behavior pointing to abuse, neglect, or illegal activity, your children’s visits can be re-evaluated by the court, and they will be protected from future contact that could be harmful to them. The private investigators at JP Investigative Group are highly experienced in child custody cases, and know just what to look for to determine whether your children are being taken care of safely and responsibly. Contact us today at 877-990-2111 for an initial consultation.

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