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3 Reasons to Use Surveillance to Catch Employee Theft

If you owned a retail business, you are probably no stranger to theft. What you might not have known is that most theft is actually committed by employees, not the general public. Statistics show that three out of four employees commit theft from the company they work for and employee theft contributes to near forty percent of missing inventory. One way to discourage employee theft is using a surveillance system.

Why Do I Need a Surveillance System?

Since employee theft can do serious damage to a retail business, there are many reasons why having a surveillance system is important. One reason is that it is a deterrent to theft in general. If you can avoid the problem in the first place, you avoid a lot of hassle. Another reason is that if someone does steal from you, you have video proof of the act. Finally, a third reason is that fostering a good environment free of theft can actually boost overall productivity within the business.

What Do Employees Actually Steal?

It is probably not surprising what employees steal; money, products, and office supplies top the list. The most prevalent item stolen, of course, is money and can range from a few dollars to thousands upon millions of dollars. The next most common theft item is actual products such as clothing, shoes, and make-up. These items account for nearly twenty percent of employee theft. Finally, office supplies such as pens round out the list at about five percent of what is stolen overall.

What Can a Business Do?

When incidents of theft start happening at your business, you may not be quite sure what options you have. Hiring a private investigator that offers surveillance services is a good place to start. A good investigation firm will be able to point out the proper placement for surveillance cameras that will help deter theft from employees and the general public as a whole.

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