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4 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Romantic relationships have their share of problems, but infidelity can completely change the dynamics of the relationship. The pain that comes with infidelity is indescribable, and it can change a person’s life.

Often, most people are caught off guard when they discover their partner is cheating. However, some people can tell when their partner is cheating by observing their behavior. Discover four signs to help you know when your partner is cheating.

1. Changes in Appearance

Married people who have stayed in their relationship for some time tend to get comfortable and usually don’t worry much about their appearance. Most times, couples may not even realize how much they have changed.

If your partner suddenly starts obsessing over how they look, it might be a sign that they are cheating. For instance, your partner may start shopping for new clothes, eating healthy, or going to the gym regularly to keep their body in shape.

Nevertheless, changing appearance is not always a sign of a cheating partner. Some people usually change their appearance to enhance their self-esteem or stay healthy. Therefore, before you jump to a conclusion, ask your significant other why they have changed their appearance. When doing so, be careful to avoid accusing your partner.

2. Changes in Your Sexual Life

Sex is fundamental to all romantic relationships since it fosters partnership and encourages vulnerability. Additionally, sex relieves stress after a long day at work and strengthens your relationship.

Your sexual life may sometimes change due to medical reasons. For instance, if your partner has cancer or diabetes, their libido may decrease. Sexual activities also tend to decrease in long-term relationships because children come into the picture, taking up most of your time.

Although your sexual life may change after some time in the marriage, it shouldn’t change too much. If you find yourself initiating sex and your partner seems less interested, they may be having an affair.

Besides decreased libido, a sudden increase in sexual drive is also a sign that your partner is cheating. When a person cheats, they usually feel guilty, and they may think that you already know. As a result, your partner may want too much sex to cover their tracks. Your partner may also try to have too much sex to ensure you don’t ask for it sometime later when they are not available.

3. Unexplained Expenses

Some couples prefer opening a joint bank account and pooling resources together for their family’s well-being. At the end of each month, you may want to go through the bank statements to ensure you spent the money well. If you notice transactions with jewelry and flower shops but have never received any of those, your partner may be cheating.

In such instances, consider asking your significant other about the expenses and see how they respond. If your partner lies about the expenses, it could be a sign of infidelity.

4. Changes in Schedule

Most people have a consistent work schedule, and you will always know the time your partner goes to or gets off work. If your partner’s work involves traveling, you will know when they travel and when to expect them back.

If your spouse’s work schedule changes without proper explanation, infidelity could be the issue. For example, your partner may start working late, or business trips may become too frequent. More business meetings than usual or work projects are also red flags.

Although the signs discussed above can help you catch a cheating partner, you cannot confront them without proper evidence. If you do, you may anger your spouse, affecting your relationship, especially if your accusations are not true. To avoid such issues, hire a private investigator to help confirm your suspicions. For the best services, contact J.P. Investigative Group, Inc.

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