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4 Smart Reasons You Should Hire Private Investigative Services During A Divorce

Numerous situations will drive spouses to divorce, including infidelity, domestic violence, lack of commitment, substance abuse, and much more. It’s crucial that you gather all the solid facts before you ask for a divorce from your partner. Private Investigators (PIs) may be of help as they focus on gathering evidence to support any allegations leveled against your partner.

However, some states like California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, and Missouri are no-fault divorce states. That means a fault-based ground alone won’t be enough to convince the jury. A private investigator can help identify other issues linked to affairs the courts might consider. Here are four smart reasons you should consider private investigative services during a divorce.

1. To Win the Child Custody Battle

In divorce proceedings, determining who remains with a child between spouses is critical. A private investigator helps unearth the truth regarding grave issues like extramarital affairs, drug abuse, or domestic violence. The primary objective of this investigation is to rule out any cases that might jeopardize the safety and well-being of minors.

Through thorough scrutiny and surveillance, the private investigators help confirm or deny any allegations, depending on the party they represent. They can prepare and produce evidence showing your spouse abusing drugs in front of kids or driving them while intoxicated. Such evidence can assist the divorce attorney in appealing for your sole custody of the kids.

2. To Help with Fair Asset Division

Often, you might disagree with your spouse regarding asset division during a divorce. You might have various assets acquired together during the marriage, including savings accounts, apartments, vehicles, and other vital properties. A private investigator can help distinguish between marital property and separate property and what you’re entitled to when divorcing.

For example, a private investigator can scrutinize your spouse’s assets, whether gifted, inherited, owned, or paid as compensation for personal injury before marriage. They also determine all assets acquired during the marriage and their passive or active appreciation status. After that, they document everything and keep accurate records that will help give you an upper hand during asset division.

3. To Help with Child Support Enforcement

Besides helping you win child custody, a professional private investigator can assist you on matters regarding child support. Determining the amount of money one party should pay the other for child support is a big decision in divorce settlements. Usually, there are numerous cases of mistrust, and your partner might attempt to conceal certain assets to evade remitting more payments in child support.

A private investigator can also determine whether the responsible party makes the required child support payments. If not, they can recommend various child support enforcement actions, including license suspension, passport denial, lottery intercepts, and liens. Using surveillance, interviews, and database searches, PIs can find out more about hidden assets and present the evidence in court.

4. To Help Prove Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the many reasons people choose to terminate their marriage through divorce. You might feel that your spouse is cheating on you, but this alone will not help build a strong case in divorce proceedings. Hiring a private investigator can provide solid proof and relevant information you can present confidently in court.

A private investigator will often use various tactics to prove that your spouse is cheating. For example, they can tail the target, research databases, and run background checks. Other high-tech surveillance tools they can use to prove infidelity include GPS trackers, hidden cameras, spyware, and device cloning.

Indeed, there are numerous reasons to work with a private investigator when divorcing. Working with a reputable company like J.P. Investigative Group, Inc. can help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your case. Contact us for professional private investigation services for positive outcomes in your divorce proceedings today.

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