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4 Ways to Use Private Investigators in Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases have only become more complicated over the years as parents seek out sole or shared custody for their children. Going through a divorce is hard enough, but adding the child custody to the mix can become even more complicated. In many cases, the custody hearing becomes a case of he said/she said, but evidence makes a difference.

One method to gather evidence is through the use of a private investigator. The investigator can use skills to find evidence and details about a case. Learn about these methods and how an investigator will help guide you through your child custody case.

1. Social Media Tracking

Social media reveals a lot about a person, even things that people are completely unaware of. If you’re worried about another parent’s lifestyle, then a private investigator can help retrieve information. An investigator can access the person’s social media feed, see images, and find the person on multiple platforms.

You may have been blocked from seeing certain posts or accounts, which could offer crucial information. A private investigator will gain access and obtain evidence you never knew about. For example, an investigator may find pictures and videos of a wild lifestyle including excessive partying, drinking, and reckless behavior.

An investigator could also do extensive image searches to find tagged photos of the person they didn’t even post themselves. The tagged images provide even more evidence and an unfiltered look at their habits because the person didn’t choose those images themselves; other people posted them.

2. Jobs & Employment

Providing an income for a child is often an important aspect of child custody and a private investigator can help confirm or deny sources of income. For example, a parent could say they have a steady job, but an investigator could find out if they were recently fired or have not been showing up for work.

If a parent has been lying about employment, you could help turn the case in your favor. If you are seeking child support, an investigator may find out if the person is working under the table and avoiding child support payments. All of the elements will come into play and an investigator could even up turn up official paperwork and statements from companies.

3. Daily Behavior

The behavior of a parent is often a critical part of a child custody hearing as the person’s character is called into question. As a private investigator tracks the other parent over an extended period of time, some patterns may form. For example, a person may go to the same bar every night drinking. The parent may party excessively and impact their parenting skills.

The parent could be partaking in activities that are not safe for a child. A deep dive into traffic records including possible DUI or tickets can also show dangerous conditions if a parent plans to transport a child. A deep dive into the records of a person will uncover the details.

A private investigator will access areas you may not know about and have resources to provide you and your lawyer.

4. Child Treatment

The treatment of your children can make a big difference in a custody case. A private investigator has ways to get a better look at how your children are treated. Tracking the person can showcase locations your children are brought to and the people they are around. Along with the locations, the actions around the child are noted as well.

All of the factors will make a difference in the custody case and help serve as evidence.

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