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What to Know About An Employee Theft Investigation

click here to assign a new case If you are contemplating hiring a private investigator to conduct an employee theft investigation or any corporate investigations, you may have some questions about what such an investigation actually entails. How does the investigator determine whether the suspect actually committed theft? What measures are taken to conduct the […]

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When To Start a Workers Compensation Investigation?

click here to assign a new case Many employers have their hands tied when it comes to a workers compensation investigation. Usually, a workers compensation investigation happens when an employee is injured while at work and files a claim but there are discrepancies with the claim and has to be under further review. If the […]

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Using a Charlotte Child Custody Private Investigator

click here to assign a new case Child custody battles can be incredibly stressful, time-consuming and emotionally taxing. You may know you’re a more suitable guardian for your child than your ex-partner or another prospective guardian, but without court-admissible evidence to prove it, you may be at risk of losing the legal battle and in […]

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Tips for Locating Missing Persons

click here to assign a new case If you’re dealing with a missing family member, friend or loved one, you may be understandably frightened or worried for their safety. Thankfully, utilizing legal support systems can help you take the proper action to ensure a missing person returns home safe and sound.The first 72 hours are […]

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