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Civil and Domestic Investigations

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There are many ways that people misuse the justice system to bring you down. Sometimes dishonest people cleverly plan false lawsuits against an enemy or a complete stranger. As long as they get their payoff, they don’t care who loses money. To prevent such injustices, JP Investigative Group unravels falsehoods to find the truth. We’ll defend you and solidify your claims.

Civil Investigations

We gladly provide civil investigations to assemble information for any civil trial. In these situations, our highly trained investigators uncover the truth and create a case that will protect you in court. This complex process involves conducting background checks, observing and surveying witnesses, conducting interviews, and examining personal histories.

Once we’ve gathered the necessary information, you’ll be ready for your civil trial. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, we’ll work to keep things fair. With help from our private investigators, you’ll receive protection despite others’ illegal actions.

Domestic Investigations

While JP Investigative Group works to find the truth and create a fair trial, we also deal with personal issues and individual needs. We care about your wellbeing, and we understand that you need support during this trying time. Our domestic investigations allow you to get needed information while being sure of the following:

  • The information is obtained legally.
  • Your identity and anonymity are protected.
  • You’ve hired experienced professionals to uncover information.
  • You’ve hired professionals who have access to more than public information.

By hiring one of our qualified investigators, you’ll avoid mistakes and/or the inexperience of an unseasoned investigator while obtaining valuable information.

In situations where you suspect you may already be a victim, it’s especially important to consult a private investigator to prevent future damage. We can help reveal spousal infidelity, child custody issues, and spousal cohabitation problems. Call us today at 877-990-2111 to get started, or fill out the form on the right to sign up for a FREE consultation.

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