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Corporate Fraud Investigators


Corporate fraud investigations have never been more commonplace than the present day. During the past few years we have seen more greed and scandal in the corporate world than ever before. Dishonest executives receive all the attention, but workplace crime, especially theft, is a problem throughout organizations, from the CEO down to non-management laborers. The majority of people at just about any company are honest and hardworking, but it is the unfortunate truth that within any population exists some dishonest people.

Our business fraud investigatorin Charlotteexcels at conducting undercover investigations, recorded statements and interviews, witness location, subrogation investigations, larceny, embezzlement, and theft investigations. This unit often works hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies to obtain the facts and providing support to authorities for corporate and civil investigations.

To minimize fraud within an organization, a company must have internal controls that both prevent and detect foul play. Ideally, all businesses want to prevent fraud from ever occurring. The best way to do this is by pre-screening employees and getting our corporate investigation service.

Corporate Fraud Investigations by J.P. Investigative Group

Here at J.P. Investigative Group Inc., we offer private investigators who can identify high-risk job candidates by examining credit history, criminal records, or even conducting surveillance. By excluding job candidates who drink heavily, gamble excessively, and are in poor financial standing, an organization significantly reduces its liabilities.

In addition to pre-screening, you must also uncover fraud within the organization when it does happen. Our corporate investigation services can help any business, no matter how simple or complex, uncover fraud. We use discreet surveillance techniques, spot questionable money flow, and eventually gather court-admissible evidence against corporate wrongdoers. Whether the guilty party is a CEO, mid-level manager, or laborer, we can find out who is cheating the company. Let us know if your company needs investigative services to combat corporate fraud.

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