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Discover Lying: Tips to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Being cheated on is one of the most commonly cited reasons for a divorce. The betrayal can be absolutely devastating and unforgivable. Unconfirmed suspicions, however, can be equally as devastating because they can slowly chip away at you and your marriage, leaving it in shambles even if you discover your initial belief was wrong. At J.P. Investigative Group, we understand how important it is to get to the root of your suspicions as quickly as possible.

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When it comes to a domestic investigation, private investigators are able to sort through the lies without a biased opinion. However, you know your spouse best and if your gut is telling you that something is wrong – trust it!

Lying is actually one of the first telltale signs of a marital problem. After all, a cheating spouse has to find the time, finances, opportunity, and location in which to hold their affair – which means they need to have an explanation for why, when, where, and how they are spending increasing time away from you.

In addition to the emotional damage an affair can cause, it can be compounded by the fact that others knew what was happening. This can make you feel ashamed, anxious, depressed, or worse even amongst friends. Prolonging the verification of your suspicions can only increase these types of feelings.

Private Investigator Tips for Catching a Lie

If you want to catch a cheating spouse, paying attention to the lies is the first step.

When a cheating spouse dodges a direct response to your question or repeats the question over and over, they may be attempting to buy more time for them to establish a crafted answer. However, this is not the only sign of a liar at work.

Quickly becoming defensive when you ask a question is another tactic. They may turn the question around on your, lash out without reason, or become overly emotional with questions that seem innocent enough. Bringing up religion, swearing to a higher power, and other such exaggerated forms of proclaimed innocence are also typical of a lair caught in the act.

A cheating spouse may also repeatedly touch their face or hair while lying. Shifting their feet while standing or constantly repositioning while sitting is another indication that your spouse is lying.

Contact a Professional PI

A private investigator can help you catch a cheating spouse. At J.P. Investigative Group, Inc, we have the experience, training, certifications, and licenses to perform thorough domestic investigations. Not only can we catch a cheating spouse, but we can also provide you with evidence that is admissible in court should an affair become a reason for the procedure.

If you believe your spouse is cheating, waiting one more day can turn into a lifetime of crushing defeat, heartbreak, and sadness. Contact J.P. Investigative Group today to find out how we can help you regain control of your life.


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