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When to Hire a Wrongful Death Investigator

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When a family member suddenly dies, one could lead to believe it may have been due to negligence, carelessness or the wrongdoing of another person.

While police do their own investigation, some people prefer the reassurance of hiring their own wrongful death investigator to see if there is any further evidence to prove their loved one was killed due to the fault of another.

But when is it right to hire a wrongful death investigator?

First, you need to know the types of wrongful death investigations there are. Below are some examples of those:

  • Malpractice and medical investigations focus on someone’s wrongful death caused by medical negligence and/or incorrect medical treatment.
  • Accident and criminal investigations can uncover criminal responsibility for someone’s death, as well as any criminal wrongdoing.
  • Workplace investigations can deal with industrial accidents that may have caused wrongful death due to company negligence or mismanagement.
  • Product liability investigations can find wrongful death caused by products that are poorly designed and/or poorly tested.

It may be difficult for the average person to tell whether a loved one’s death was a wrongful one. In some cases, lawyers may argue that a death was caused by an accident. Hospitals may say that a patient’s death was caused due to a pre-existing condition, even though you may believe that your loved one was given the wrong treatment.

Most investigations require evidence to prove it was a wrongful death. J.P. Investigative Group, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina, has private investigators that can look for evidence and give you peace of mind.

Our investigators may use crime scene forensics, witness testimony and/or corporate investigations to find what really happened at the time of someone’s death. In many cases, background investigations, surveillance and sometimes medical investigations may be necessary to find what may have contributed to a person’s death.

Our company has a network of investigators ready to serve you and help you find evidence to support your case.

The J.P. Investigative Group has staff members available 24/7 to hear your case. Call us at 877-990-2111, or fill out a free consultation form, and we will pair you with a professional wrongful death investigator today.


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