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How Can Your Child’s School Attendance Affect Your Child Custody Case

School attendance does not have to be perfect. Kids get sick. Busses occasionally are missed, causing kids and parents alike to be tardy. However, when school attendance becomes a problem – your child and your custody arrangement can be in trouble.

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School Attendance & Child Custody

Attending school is vital to the education and growth of your child. Not only do their study important life skills, like math and reading, but also they learn how to socialize, handle problems with others, and much more. When school attendance becomes a problem, it can be extremely damaging to your child’s immediate well-being and future. Ongoing tardiness or missed days can deprive your child of important school lessons. This can lead to failing classes, being held back, bullying, and feelings of worthlessness or worse.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your child receives a proper education. This means you need to make sure your child misses as little school as possible. If the custodial parent is starting to demonstrate issues with their child’s school attendance, the courts will likely allow them a specific timeframe to correct the problem. However, if the child is failing classes, in danger of being held back a grade, or there is evidence that this is a long-standing issue – the court is much more likely to take immediate action. Often, this means modifying the custody arrangement to award the non-custodial parent with custody of the child or increased time with them.

Benefits of Child Custody Investigations

Of course, there are ways to help your case. If you are the non-custodial parent, make sure you keep track of what days your child misses school, as well as the reason you were provided, and monitor their grades. Additionally, you will want to make sure you are notified and attend any school meetings that involve your child, including parent-teacher discussions regarding their grades, behavior, and attendance. (If you are the custodial parent, make sure you have documentation to support why your child has been missing so much school.) But a private investigator, like those at J.P. Investigative Group, can go beyond this.

When it comes to child custody investigations, a private investigator can help. While a private investigator will look into school attendance, grades, and other related educational interests, a child custody investigation goes beyond this. After all, the court will take into account several different factors that help them establish what arrangement will be in your child’s best interest.

Results Driven Private Investigator for Child Custody Cases

A licensed private investigator has access to documents, equipment, and techniques that go beyond the scope of an average parent. A thorough child custody case investigation, like those done through J.P Investigative Group, includes a fully developed, court-admissible report. Through professional surveillance, a thorough knowledge of your jurisdiction’s requirements and standards of proof, and years of training and experience – our private investigators strive to leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your child’s best interest.

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