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How Can Your Child’s School Attendance Affect Your Child Custody Case

While it’s perfectly fine for minors to miss days or be late to school (on occasion), this can be a real issue if the minor has many tardies and is missing several days. Plus, when it reaches the point of receiving truancy notices, you have a real issue to deal with.

As a child custody investigator in NC, we discuss how your child’s school attendance can affect your child’s custody case:

School performance reflects what’s happening at home

A custody dispute, a couple splitting up, or a divorce could be stressful for a child, especially if they catch parents arguing or complaining about one another. This transition period from one way of living to another can be a significant distraction from schoolwork, causing performance to suffer, irrespective of who the child lives with.

Generally, schools are good at keeping records. If a child is considerably worse when they’re living with a specific parent, it can hint that the child isn’t getting the care and attention they need.

It’s possible to track school issues through the following records:


Are the kid’s grades dropping when a specific parent cares for the child compared to the other? If the drop isn’t much, it’s not an issue. A student doesn’t need to obtain straight As to make a parent appear involved, loving, and capable.

Parental involvement

If there are issues, is the parent contacting the school? If the school reaches out to the parent, are they responding? Are they attending the meetings?

Readiness for school

Is the child prepared? Is the child hungry? Is the child clean, wearing proper clothes, and ready to learn?


Is the child coming in late or missing days of school?


If you’re the non-custodial parent during the week, monitor your child’s attendance and grades to ensure you’re aware of everything that’s going on. If there are meetings about attendance or grades with school administrators or teachers, you need to ensure to be there for the meetings.

If you’re the custodial parent, you should ensure that if any absences are justified, you get the right documentation and get it to the school. If you’re not able to do so, the attendance will look bad when you have genuine reasons for missed school, like illnesses the child has had.

Whichever side of the problem you’re on, you can be sure that if a truancy notice is issued, you’ll end up in court talking to the family law judge about it.

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