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How to Keep Your Children Happy During a Child Custody Battle

Your child custody battle is probably not going to be an easy one. However, while parents wage war in the courtroom, child often suffer the outcomes of the instabilities created by these battles. Keeping your children happy during this trying period may not be easy, but it is possible.

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How to Keep Children Out of a Custody Battle

One of the best ways to help keep your children happy during a child custody battle is simply keeping them out of it.

Child custody battles are often one of the most contentious situations your children may experience. Parents are often argumentative and, frankly, nasty towards each other throughout the experience. From bashing each other at home to throwing out allegations in court, putting your children in the middle of a custody battle can leave behind residual traumas that will last throughout their lifetime.

Avoiding discussing the child custody battle at home or around your children is important. While they may want to know where they are going to live, the he-said, she-said aspects of the battle are unnecessary to the ears of a child. Name-calling, accusations, and blame-game style tactics can confuse your children and lead to emotional issues that can hinder their well-being and developmental growth.

How a P.I. Can Help With a Custody Investigation

Hiring a private investigator, or P.I., can help you uncover the facts of the matter without putting your children in the crosshairs. From cohabitation to conditions or situations that may endanger your children, a licensed private investigator can help you build a solid case that supports your custodial claims.

The professionals at JP Investigative Group, Inc. have the experience, skill and tools to provide quality child custody investigations. In addition to the physical investigation, however, they are also able to provide a professional, court-admissible report and expert testimony. This means you have more than just accusations and can provide actual evidence, professionally gathered in support of your claim, to the court that supports your claim.

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