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What to Know About Background Checks

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If you’re sorting through stacks of resumes and job applications for an open position, you know that it can be difficult and even stressful to identify the perfect candidate. Thankfully, there are strategies to ensure that you find the most qualified and trustworthy person for the job. Employers can request background checks on prospective job candidates, especially those applying for positions whose duties require a great deal of trust on the employer’s behalf. These checks can provide invaluable information that helps an employer determine whether the candidate is right for the job or if they pose a risk to the employer.

Background Checks

Background Checks

Background check information typically includes verification of a job candidate’s past employment and education, as well as detailed information regarding their financial and criminal history. Not only do background checks confirm a prospective employee’s qualifications, they can also provide insight into their character and honesty. According to a study conducted at the University of Washington, half of all reference checks requested on job candidates reflect inconsistencies between the candidate and their reference’s respective reports. If a prospective candidate lies on their job application, who’s to say they won’t continue to do so while on the job?

Not only do background checks protect the well-being of businesses and organizations, they protect the safety of vulnerable populations, including children, the disabled, and the elderly. We’ve all heard the horror stories — someone who acts the part of the compassionate caregiver, only to be discovered physically and emotionally harming a child or an incapacitated adult later on. Understandably, this can cause a great deal of stress to parties responsible for hiring a caregiver. Hiring a private investigator to conduct a detailed background check into potential caregivers’ history and character allows individuals to base hiring decisions on all the facts, not just those a job candidate cares to provide.

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