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What is a Non-Compete Investigation?

Losing an employee, either due to termination or resignation, can be a hardship for an employer. In addition to the inconvenience of having to find and train a suitable replacement, it can be difficult and awkward to deal with the potential fallout from a particularly acrimonious parting. This is especially true if you suspect your former employee is violating the terms of his or her non-compete agreement. If you have reason to believe that your former employee is working for a similar company, or has started one of his or her own to directly compete with yours, a non-compete investigation by JP Investigations can help you prove your case in court.

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?
Many employers have new hires sign a non-compete agreement as part of the onboarding process. This agreement states that in the case of termination or resignation, the employee will not accept a similar position from a direct competitor, nor will he or she found his or her own company that would act as a direct competitor. A former employee who is found to be in violation of a non-compete agreement faces serious legal repercussions, including payment of compensatory damages to the former employer, for being in breach of contract.

What Can Happen to My Business as a Result of a Non-Compete Violation?
One of the biggest reasons for an employer to require the signing of a non-compete agreement in the first place is to protect trade secrets that could ultimately destroy your business if divulged or copied. A former employee who is in violation of a non-compete is also capable of passing on sensitive client information to companies who can use the information against your business. Hiring a private investigator to look into the matter can save you a world of trouble, and possibly even save your company from ruin. JP Investigations can help you prove that your former employee has violated the terms of a non-compete agreement with a complete and thorough investigation conducted through appropriate and ethical means of gathering evidence that can be used in court.

JP Investigations is here to assist with your Charlotte, NC non-compete investigation so you can have the evidence you need to help you win your case. We provide trustworthy, ethical investigative services conducted by experienced private investigators who know the ins and outs of non-compete investigations. Call JP Investigations of Charlotte, NC today at 877-990-2111 for an initial consultation.

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