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Is A Private Investigator Necessary in Helping Me Catch My Cheating Spouse?

For many, marriage is the ultimate sign of commitment. That is why cheating is one of the leading reasons given during divorce proceedings. However, catching a cheating spouse is not always as easy as it appears.


Is a P.I. Right for My Case?

Perhaps you simply suspect your partner of cheating and want to find out, once and for all, what is really happening. Maybe you are looking for court-admissible evidence of an affair you already believe is happening. Regardless of your reasons, hiring a private investigator (P.I.) may be one of the best moves you can make if you suspect infidelity.

There are two main reasons spouses hire a private investigator: personal and legal.

Personal Reasons:

There are some cases where simply suspecting your spouse of an affair can put a serious strain on your relationship. Hiring a P.I. can help you get to the bottom of your suspicions. If no evidence of an affair is found, a P.I. can help put your mind at ease and restore your marriage to its previous state. However, if a P.I. does find evidence of infidelity, it can help give you the justification you need for a divorce.

Legal Reasons:

A professional P.I. will be able to gather evidence of your spouse’s infidelity that is admissible in court. Additionally, a P.I. can also give professional testimony that can be critical in contested divorce proceedings. For those who reside in states that grant no-fault divorces, however, the evidence gathered by a P.I. can help improve the outcome of your divorces in other ways. For example, the evidence gathered by a P.I. has helped support cases based on Alienation of Affection laws, prenuptial agreement violations, and the recovery of money used by a cheating spouse in support of their affair.

Top Attributes of an Effective Private Investigator

There are plenty of people who claim to be private investigators. But what traits are truly important?

You should always do your homework when it comes to selecting the best P.I. Experience is a crucial attribute that cannot be overlooked if you are seeking an effective P.I. Make sure you thoroughly read reviews before you hire a P.I. They should be professional and responsive as well. A P.I. should have the proper licenses required by your sate. Ingenuity, confidentiality, and tenacity are also important.

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