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Private Investigators & Cheating Spouses: Why Hiring A North Carolina PI Can Make or Break Your Marriage

Private Investigators & Cheating Spouses: Why Hiring A North Carolina PI Can Make or Break Your Marriage

Relationships are hard, and it gets even harder when you suspect that your partner is cheating on you. Catching a cheating spouse is not easy, and this is why hiring a Private Investigator in is the best thing to do when you’re conflicted around this suspicion. Depending on the level of your interest, you might find yourself researching ways to confirm what your gut is already telling you. The end result is not always what you expect, which is why hiring an expert Private Investigator is so important to get the best results.


Choose a PI who is experienced in infidelity investigation

Different Private investigators have different specialties in the industry. Choose a specialized Infidelity PI who has dealt with cheaters, compared to a PI who is experienced in corporate fraudulent investigations.


Request for a list of the PI Services

To guarantee a thorough investigation, be specific about what you are looking for. However, keep in mind that PI’s conduct their investigations according to their training and experiences. Even though the PI may not provide law enforcement privileges, ensure that their investigation comprises of the following:

  • GPS tracking
  • Secret cameras (Covert camera’s)
  • Internet and social-media investigations
  • Physical surveillance
  • Temptation decoys for cheaters.  Knowledgeable of what is required for infidelity for North Carolina and other licensed States.


Settle for a reasonable price

Consider the cost of an extensive professional work when you are selecting a PI. The following are some of the common determinants of the cost of hiring a PI:

  • Experience
  • Location of the investigation (in North Carolina or it goes to another state)
  • Difficulty in investigation for high profile individuals
  • Length of the investigation
  • Some of the costs you should also be aware of include:

Hourly charges which range between $80 to $100

with a retainer fee.

Mileage expenses for additional PI’s when the need arises.


Commit to the investigation

Once you have selected the PI, you will need to commit to the process of investigation. Provide the PI with all the information from your monitoring and answer all their questions so that they can have a better base of conducting the investigation. You will be reminded by the PI that their role is to confirm your suspicions because there are times when the accused cheater is not cheating. Hiring a PI is a way for the client to be given an opportunity to dismiss the accusation, in case the suspicion was wrong, after a thorough investigation. Or Peace of mind

When you are married, remember that not all investigations end up in divorce, your PI will advise you on how to salvage your relationship. In most cases, a referral to a counselor or an Attorney is done after the investigation is over, for the healing process to begin.

Private Investigators can be expensive in North Carolina, but at JP Investigations, we offer you the best value for your money, at affordable costs. Make an inquiry with us by calling 877-990-211, and we will help you find a cheater or an opportunity to dismiss your suspicion.

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