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Reasons to Hire an Investigator for a Cohabitation Investigation

Reasons to Hire an Investigator for a Cohabitation Investigation

Going through a divorce or separation includes many complications, especially as you seek ways to properly split up homes and assets. Before the marriage or through the divorce proceedings, you may have signed a cohabitation agreement on a piece of property. If you think your former partner is violating the agreement, then you may need to conduct an investigation.

A cohabitation investigator uses multiple methods to track and determine if a person is breaking an agreement. If the agreement is broken, then many elements may turn in your favor and reduce the amount of money you have to pay out overall.

1. Definitive Proof Over Speculation

A cohabitation agreement could be broken in several ways. For example, a person could have a new partner living on the property when the agreement time has not passed yet. A person could be making changes or renovations to the property that are not yet allowed. If you only speculate that these things are happening, it will not matter for your case.

The only way to prove that a cohabitation agreement has been changed is with definitive proof. One piece of evidence is typically not enough either. When you hire a private investigator, they will work to discover multiple pieces of evidence in your favor.

An investigator can establish a pattern to showcase a new person has been living in the home. Multiple pieces of evidence may include photos and witness statements from neighbors. The more solid evidence you have, the easier it will be to prove the agreement has been broken.

2. Reduce or Stop Alimony Payments

Many cohabitation agreements include alimony payments that are deemed to go towards property costs like rent, mortgage, and utilities. If someone is breaking the agreement, then your payments could be stopped or reduced. For example, if someone has moved another person into the house, then your money should not go towards their housing needs.

A full investigation can determine how long the agreement has been broken. Not only can you end future payments, but you may seek reimbursement for any extra alimony you paid in the past. Some cohabitation agreements may already include the details of a broken agreement that your former partner must adhere to.

In other cases, a lawyer and judge can use the results of an investigation to determine how alimony payments are handled in the future.

3. Discover Social Media Evidence

Chances are, you may not have social media connections with a former spouse anymore. Social media could offer a lot of evidence that pertains to a cohabitation agreement. Social media posts and pictures could detail ways that your former spouse is improperly using the property, including pictures and videos.

A private investigator has multiple tools to access social media information. Through deep dives on social media, the investigator could gather the evidence you would not have access to. The evidence could help corroborate other evidence used in the case and build a stronger case for a broken agreement.

With the use of a private investigator, you do not have to snoop around. Everything is out of your hands. You do not need to rely on friends or make fake profiles just to try and access information. A private investigator may also message neighbors or family members on social media to find out more details.

All of the information is then compiled together in a clear and concise package that pertains directly to a broken cohabitation agreement. The time spent will help the case in your favor and could result in major changes to properties and title deeds.

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