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Received a Windfall? How a Private Investigator Can Help You

Have you come into a large amount of money recently? Whether it comes from an inheritance, selling a business, winning the lottery, or your video going viral on the internet, a windfall is life-changing. But before you run down the street raining money on the neighbors, you do well to consult with a variety of professionals.

One type of security professional that you may not realize you need is a private investigator. What type of assistance can an investigator provide? Here are four key services you could use and why.

Personal Security Assessment

As a professional in the security industry, a private investigator is trained to spot security flaws and compromised parts of your security plan. Thus, they are in a position to help you with personal security procedures to keep your person safe and protect your privacy. Some private investigators also provide personal protection services including bodyguards.

Evaluation of Investment Opportunities

Someone who comes into a lot of money usually finds themselves the target of many new business proposals and investment opportunities. These could be anything from established companies with whom you have a relationship to a new venture your brother wants you to invest in. Some of these enterprises you may know, but many will be new to you.

Any business or investment request should be thoroughly vetted by an accountant, an attorney, and an investigator. While an accountant my research the financial statements, an investigator would likely focus on the individuals involved in the business, legal issues it faces, its social media presence, public records, scandals it may have been involved in, or employee and customer grievances.

Investigation of New Associates

Unfortunately, along with a myriad of investment offers, the newly wealthy are often approached by estranged family members and people who want to be their new friends. Most people are goodhearted and want to help their family members and trust their associates. But there are also many tales of lottery winners and others in your position who are taken in by unscrupulous individuals.

It may seem somewhat callous, but a background check or other research can help make sure your trust is not misplaced. Such investigations don’t have to be large or extensive. They could be as simple as a social media investigation, for instance, that helps you understand what your estranged relative has been up to since you knew them last.

Deeper research, though, might be necessary to evaluate the motives of a suddenly friendly neighbor or a workmate in secret financial trouble. When you work with an experienced investigator, they can help tailor such checks so you get reassurance without feeling overly invasive.

Research Into Charities

Most people who have the means want to share it with the less fortunate or with causes they care about. And you shouldn’t be discouraged from doing so. But if you worry about giving money to people who won’t use it wisely, a little research could alleviate your concerns and let you give generously without fear.

A private investigator can perform a sort of business background check on an organization through credit history and public records, but they may also be able to conduct interviews, do undercover research, or vet references.

When you come into a windfall, some things become easier while other things become harder. It’s normal, in your position, to need help meeting these new challenges. Fortunately, you have a variety of professionals available to help.

At J.P. Investigative Group, Inc., we understand the difficulties you face. Make an appointment with our experienced investigators today so you can start better enjoying your newfound success tomorrow.

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