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Signs Your Loved One May Be Cheating

If your spouse or significant other cheats on you, the deception can lead to depression, anxiety, and even to the use of unhealthy coping mechanisms. Therefore, you should know the signs of cheating and learn what to do in the event your loved one is cheating on you. Learn what warning signs to watch out for below.

1. Change in Appearance

A change in appearance may indicate that your spouse is cheating. Maybe he or she started to dress up more often, wear more makeup, use cologne or perfume, or wear jewelry. If these changes in appearance are sudden and abnormal, your mate may have someone else on the side who he or she wants to look good for.

2. Diagnosis of an STD

If you didn’t stray from the relationship but recently discovered you have an STD, your partner may have given you an STD from someone else. Keep in mind that a recent STD diagnosis isn’t always a sign that your partner cheated. You may have had an STD for weeks, months, or even years before you develop any signs from it. For instance, an outbreak of herpes may not arise until years after you acquire the virus.

3. Change in Sex Life

Another sign that your spouse has another mate on the side is if your sex life changes. While every relationship has its ups and downs, if you have sex very infrequently or you don’t seem to have the same connection and passion that you once did, your spouse may have another relationship on the side where he or she receives sex.

On the other hand, you may notice that your partner wants to incorporate new moves or toys into your normal sex routine that you and your partner never used in the past. He or she may have learned them outside of your relationship and wanted to use them during intercourse with you.

4. Change in Saying I Love You

You may notice that your partner no longer says those three magic words to you any longer. Additionally, he or she may hesitate to say I love you back to you or may repeat it in an uncaring tone of voice.

5. Change in Schedule

A inexplicable change in your spouse’s schedule may indicate he or she has another partner. For instance, your loved one’s work schedule may change. He or she may stay after work more often than they once did. Or they may start to leave the house earlier in the morning.

6. Change in Expenses

You might also notice a change in the amount of money your loved one has or the items they have. Another partner may shower them with gifts. On the contrary, your spouse may be the one who pays for the lavish gifts, hotel rooms, and other expenses. Therefore, they may not have as much money as they once did. You might notice unusual charges on his or her credit card statements.

7. Change in Emotional Intimacy

A relationship goes through changes, especially since when you and your partner first dated. However, you still should have some degree of emotional intimacy. This term means that you and your partner still share feelings with one another and try to connect emotionally. If these feelings peter out, your partner may be having an affair.

8. Change in Mental State

Your loved one may experience problems with focusing if he or she has another partner. The thoughts of the other person may interfere with your loved one’s ability to remain focused on normal-day tasks or what you say to him or her.

While you don’t ever want to think about your loved one in a relationship with someone else, this unfortunate event does happen. While these signs don’t necessarily mean your loved one is having an affair, you should recognize these signs and talk to your significant other about them.

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