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When To Start a Workers Compensation Investigation?

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Many employers have their hands tied when it comes to a workers compensation investigation. Usually, a workers compensation investigation happens when an employee is injured while at work and files a claim but there are discrepancies with the claim and has to be under further review. If the company suspects that there is fraud or discrepancies in a work compensation claim, or if the employer doesn’t have the right insurance, then this is cause for an investigation. The fraud issue has been overwhelming with many aspects from the employees not filing the injury correctly or lying to employers. Unfortunately, some employees or employers will try to take advantage of these benefits and can be at fault for fraud when it comes to workers compensation claims.

There are warning signs that get noticed for fraud in a workers compensation claim:Having injuries with no witnesses

  • Delays in reporting an injury
  • Not getting medical attention straight away
  • Injury while not working
  • Filing many claims
  • Getting an injury when terminated

Employers can take advantage of the worker’s compensation benefits as well. Adjusters that look at a claim will check on the company to ensure they are following the regulations.

Here are key issues they look for:

  • Refusal to buy insurance for employees
  • Not classifying the work environment correctly
  • Disability checks issued late
  • Denying claims that are not fraudulent
  • Claiming their full-time employees as independent contractors

If there are warning signs in any area of the claim with the employee or employer, then an investigation will take place. The process of a workers compensation investigation in Charlotte, NC is rigorous and goes through numerous documentation and interviews to get the fraud claim resolved.

Workers compensation fraud has been on the rise with many try to abuse the system. In the state of North Carolina, they created strict policies under the Workers Compensation Act, and one of them is to have insurance with 3 or more employees. There are more particular rules among the other ten Industrial Commission sections that it operates. It is wise to seek out a legal professional who can guide you through the process in a Charlotte, NC workers compensation investigation.

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