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Surveillance Tips to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Dealing with a situation where you think your spouse may be cheating can be extremely challenging. If you have suspicions that your spouse is having an affair, finding out the truth for yourself is essential.

Here, we discuss some cheating partner surveillance tips to catch a disloyal spouse:

Test the auto-fill of their search engine

Did you go through your spouse’s search history? Did you find anything suspicious? If they’re cheating on you, they’ll do their best to clear the search history on their browsers. This means you’ll never find incriminating websites such as hook-up services in their history.

While most people know how to delete their search history, they forget to wipe out their auto-fill history. Based on your previous searches, Google provides recommendations when searching for something. Try typing different letters into the search bar and see what the search engine fills in. For example, try typing ‘ash’ and see if Ashley Madison — the notorious cheating site — pops up.

Use location tracking technology to track their whereabouts

If you don’t like physically following someone, there’s a simple alternative: use location tracking technology. For this, both you and your partner should have Apple devices connected to the same family account and have location sharing turned on, which you can access by signing into iCloud.com and tapping ‘Find my iPhone.’

If you don’t have the right settings enabled or don’t have devices linked to the same account, you can also use GPS. Google users can view the location history of someone in the ‘previous destinations’ menu option. Similarly, Android users can open Google Maps and use the Google Timeline feature.

However, if your devices don’t allow you to use these options, hire a private investigator — they can help locate a person in a confidential and legal way.

Keep an eye on their phone

Spying on your partner’s phone for proof of infidelity isn’t new. Sometimes, catching a cheating partner is extremely easy when you can check their text messages and call logs. However, most people keep their phones locked, which is why you should keep an eye on their phones to watch for push notifications.

Some cheaters like the convenience of a secondary phone — they may call it an ‘emergency phone,’ ‘work phone,’ or hide it altogether. They may even purchase a separate SIM card for their disloyal activities. So, if you see one lying around, try to extract data from it as quickly as you can.

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