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Tips to Prepare For a Child Custody Investigation

Child custody investigations are an important. From a court’s perspective, they are an impartial observation of the lifestyle and wellbeing of your child. From a private investigator perspective, they are a careful investigation of the total welfare of your child. Preparing for a child custody investigation can be nerve-wracking. Below, the professionals at JP Investigative Group, Inc. provide tips we have gathered over years of child custody investigations to help you be prepared.

Get the Right Documents for Your Child Custody Investigation

There are a plethora of documents you need when it comes to child custody investigations. Parents and guardians, for example, are often required to provide information on anyone who will be involved in the child’s life.

Background checks are one of the fundamental documents that will be required. They need to include anyone who cohabitates with the child, as well as day care providers and individuals they regularly see. Background investigations need to include criminal histories, records of drug or alcohol abuse, complaints of violence, or fraudulent behavior.

Evidence of parenting skills, including taking parentings classes, is also important as it demonstrates your desire to provide the best support and environment possible for your child.

Your financial health is also useful. While a child’s wellbeing is not singularly dependent on income, being able to demonstrate that you can provide a safe, loving home and environment – as well as the ability to provide for their future well-being – is important. Food, clothes, books, and much more will depend on your ability to finance your child’s care.

Documentation that proves or disproves your suitability will affect your child custody investigation. The more you can gather to support your claims, the better the outcome may be.

Hire the Help of a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator is a great way to prepare for your child custody investigation. They can perform the detailed background checks needed on both your household and your ex-partner’s. They can also go above and beyond, often conducting cohabitation investigation while performing their child custody investigations. This can help to uncover truths your ex-partner is attempting to hide from the court as they shed an unsavory light on their behavior, choices, and actions.

The professionals at JP Investigative Group, Inc. have years of experience with child custody investigations. We know what the courts like to see. As licensed private investigators, any evidence we gather is fully admissible in court, as is our expert testimony.

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