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Top 10 Ways Private Investigators Can Help You in North Carolina

JP Investigations

Here are the top ten ways JP Investigations can help you with your case in North Carolina.

1.) Obtain Custody of Your Child

JP Investigations can help you obtain custody of your child by helping determine and document which parent is truly taking care of the child and provide evidence of which parent would be the best placement for the child. Having a licensed private investigator testify on your behalf can hold a lot of weight in court and help you obtain custody of your child.

2.) Find A Long-Lost Relative

Yes, JP Investigations can help find missing people, but television often overemphasizes the powers that private investigators have. Private investigators cannot break into buildings lawfully or trespass on private property to find people or information they need, but they do regularly help find relatives or old friends that you have a hard time getting in touch with. Private investigators can also help find missing people as well. According to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, 750,000 cases of missing people are reported each year on average. Hiring JP Investigations can be a great help to investigations involving missing persons.

3.) Access Files

JP Investigations has much more access to both public and private databases than other people do. Because of this, we are able to obtain information such as property records, Motor Vehicle information, photographs, and more. Hiring us will save you time from searching for documents that you could potentially never be able to access on your own.

4.) Background Checks

Whether you have an established business and need to run a background check on employees or a parent looking to conduct a background check on a nanny, JP Investigations can be of assistance. We help by verifying an individual’s identity and digging up relevant information on them, allowing you to feel more comfortable hiring someone to work for you.

5.) Put Your Mind At Ease

If you suspect someone of shady behavior or think that you might have a stalker,  can help put your mind at ease by setting up surveillance and watching you or your house. It is also helps to know that you are doing everything you can to address the problem.

6.) Help Solve Cases That Police Cannot

JP Investigations can work closely with law enforcement to help conduct a better investigation of a crime or they can simply be hired when the police are busy and need more resources. Sometimes, a person may feel that the police have not given a case enough attention and will hire a private investigator to inspect the case more closely.

7.) Divorce Cases

Hiring JP Investigations could possibly help you in a divorce case. If you believe that your spouse may have hidden assets, hiring a private investigator might be a good idea since they can access information that is difficult for the average person to access. We can also testify at court on your behalf and help you come out of the divorce on top.

8.) Embezzlement or Fraud Cases

According to Fortune Magazine, a whopping 43 percent of revenue loss is from employee theft. JP Investigations can help you get to the bottom of embezzlement cases by closely scrutinizing a business and its employees.

With our services we are able to gather all necessary information to make sure that your piece of mind is at ease.

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