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What a Private Investigator CAN or CANNOT Do To Help Catch a Cheating Spouse

Infidelity can be devastating, especially once you have said your vows. Often times, a private investigator will be hired to help one partner catch a cheating spouse. While this can help you build your divorce court case, there are certain things a private investigator can and cannot do.

What a Private Investigator CAN or CANNOT Do To Help Catch a Cheating Spouse

A Private Investigator Can…

A private investigator can do several things in order to catch a cheating spouse.

  • Surveillance is one of the most beneficial means of catching a cheating spouse. From pictures to video techniques, visual evidence of cheating speaks volumes.
  • Monitoring social media accounts is also useful in today’s online world of communication.
  • Cell phone and mobile device forensics is another handy capability available to a licensed private investigator.
  • GPS tracking helps alert an investigator of your spouse’s movements and creates a digital map of every place they go throughout the duration of the investigation.
  • Comprehensive background checks are another useful tool in a private investigator’s arsenal. Finding out your spouse is actually married to someone else, under a different name, and caring for a second family three states away may seem crazy, but it has happened.

A Private Investigator Cannot…

However, while a private investigator can do much more than a typical person can, there are certainly limits. A private investigator carries a license that allows them access to databases and tools not available to regular people. In that respect, they have legal access to tools it would be illegal for you to use. However, breaking the law is beyond what a private investigator can do. Will your private investigator break into a home or office to look for proof of cheating? Absolutely not. They will not torture your spouse for the truth either. Additionally, phone tapping and hacking accounts are as illegal for a private investigator as they are for you.

Get Help Catching a Cheating Spouse

When a professional and licensed private investigator is hired to catch a cheating spouse, you can rest assured they will use every legal technique possible to verify your suspicions. By following the rules and ethics expected of a licensed private investigator, they are able to provide you with evidence, reports, and expert testimony should you decide to divorce. This is one of the biggest reasons to hire a licensed private investigator as court-admissible evidence, reports, and testimony can turn a “he said, she said” argument into a documented fact.

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