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What is the Role of a Private Investigator in Child Custody Cases

Are you going through a nasty divorce? A couple splitting up might only think about getting back at their ex by trying to take over custody of their kid instead of thinking of the child’s well-being. Divorces can often make the child suffer more than they should by being pulled from one parent to the next. Read on to learn more about how hiring a PI can help your child custody case against your ex and prevent them from overruling you in court.

How the Court Sees the Best Interests of the Child

The Court will generally side with the parent they deem more fit to take care of the child. Most Courts will side with the mother in giving more custody of the child to. However, some couples will lie about the other to gain the favor of the judge so they can get custody over the child. This creates a problem for the other parent who might be more of a better fit as the primary provider.

Therefore, you might have a situation since the Court will generally side with the parent who will be in the best interest of the child. So, if your ex-spouse lies, what can you do? Well, hire a PI to help you seek the truth out! We have years of experience in handling domestic investigations.

What Private Investigators Can Find for your Case

J.P. Investigative Group can help you if you have a vindictive spouse who is after the custody of your child just to spite you. If this is the case or you just want proof that your ex isn’t fit to have full custody of your child, then hire one of our expert private investigators in child custody cases at J.P. Investigative Group. We can find the evidence of alcoholism, physical and psychological abuse, infidelity, or any other issues that might get in the way of them being the more dependable parent over you.

Then, we can testify in Court about the findings found to let the Court know the real truth about the other parent. Don’t make your ex spout lies about your behavior when you can back up the evidence of their true nature by hiring us today. J.P Investigative Group can show the Courts that they are the risky parent and can make them realize who is telling the real truth in this custody battle.

If you decide J.P. Investigative Group is for you, contact us today so we can get right on your case. We specialize in child custody investigation, and we can get you the hard evidence to prove you are the best fit parent to the Court. We want to show the Court the real truth so that each child is placed with the more dependable parent in each custody battle. Every parent wants the best for their child, so fight for them today by calling us 1877-990-2111!

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