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What Services Do Private Investigators Offer?

Private investigators collect difficult-to-find information that you can use to make informed decisions. You may often imagine private investigators only tracking down people with suspicious agendas. However, you can receive various services, from personal to legal and financial.

Private investigation is a key consideration if you have issues to keep from the public eye. This blog discusses three services you can gain help with from a private investigative agency.

Child Custody

The custody battle can be emotional, messy, and full of wrongful claims against you. You also need evidence to verify your own claims about the other parent. In such a case, your primary goal is to maintain custody of your children. You should gather evidence to strengthen and build your case. For instance, the other parent can falsely accuse you of neglect, and a private investigator will help you prove the accusation isn’t true.

You have many reasons to hire a private child custody investigator for your case. You get the assurance they will get the information you need to win your case. With that, you can better stand for your child’s best interest. Tools used to prove or disprove any claims include:

  • Scrutiny. The investigator examines how the other parent cares for and interacts with the child. You can get them to testify about the home environment, say, whether the parent’s behavior is acceptable. You can ensure the child’s safety with the information gained.
  • Independent witnesses. Witnesses verify the suitability, conduct, and behavior of the other parent.
  • Background search. An investigator researches the background of the other parent to determine crucial information. Such information includes their true financial position and bothersome history, such as a criminal record.

Missing Persons

Private investigators can help you with two different kinds of missing person cases.

1. Loved One

When your loved one disappears, you don’t want to waste any time starting the search. The police serve the general public and may experience a shortage of resources. As a result, you get less time and resources dedicated to your case. What’s more, a specific amount of time has to elapse before the police start the search.

A private investigator can travel from state to state to gather information about the missing person. There is no time limit with private investigators. Instead, the search continues even after the case goes cold. You can extend the search frame until you confirm the exhaustion of all leads.

2. Debtor

At other times, you may have a debtor who wants to neither pay you nor be found, so you hire a private investigator. Your private investigator has the means to look at the financial spending habits of your debtor to determine whether they can pay you.

Professional investigators deploy various techniques to locate your debtor:

  • Question the debtor’s friends and loved ones to find their likely location
  • Filter out inaccurate information that may distract you from finding your debtor
  • Carry out physical searches, even in areas the general public can’t access


If you suspect your partner’s unfaithfulness, you likely yearn to confirm the suspicions. If you try to uncover the facts yourself, your spouse may notice and become more secretive. Also, your emotions can lead to ill decisions or unlawful conduct on your part. The most effective way to track your spouse’s actions and get the truth is to hire a private investigator.

Your private investigator collects information undetected. That way, you get the facts undiluted and non-exaggerated. Your private investigator uses specialized techniques and technologies to uncover evidence of unfaithfulness. For instance, they can retrieve Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts, and any deleted posts.

If you settle on divorce, it will be simpler for your spouse to confess if you have concrete evidence.

When the need for a private investigator arises in your life, look for J.P. Investigative Group, Inc. Let our trained pool of experts uncover the truth you yearn to find. Contact us today for trusted investigative services.

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