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Why It Is Important to Hire a PI Who Is Licensed Across Multiple States

Hiring a private investigator is an important decision that should not be taken lightly or left up to chance. You need to do your research and find out which PI firm is the best one to handle your case and do the most effective job possible. An important aspect is to ensure that the private investigator you hire has the proper licensing, bonding, and training required for your state. Without licensing, there is no way to know that the PI is trustworthy and undergoes training updates and renewals. 

Another important aspect of finding the right private investigator for your case is making sure that they are also licensed across multiple states, especially if your case involves (or may involve) crossing state lines. While your PI may be licensed in your state and know all of the laws and regulations associated with that state, he may not be familiar with another state’s rules if he has no other licenses. This would certainly put your case at a disadvantage should the progress of your case lead your PI into a neighboring state.

Cases Get Complicated

Just like a snowflake or a person’s fingerprint, every case taken on by a private investigator is unique. That means that progress may be impeded for particular reasons that other cases were able to avoid. It also means that a case may require traveling to another (or multiple states), especially in the cases of estrangement, missing persons, or criminal activity. If these complications become integrated in your case but your private investigator is not licensed in the state to which he must travel, that can cause serious issues.

Your PI may not be familiar with the regulations concerning private investigators and local law enforcement or the courts. It would have an extremely negative impact if the complications led to a loss of evidence or some other integral part of your case. To avoid having these complications interfere with your case, it is important that you choose a private investigator who has licenses in multiple states and is familiar with the regulations in those states.

Know the Laws

As part of the licensing process, a private investigator or investigative firm must understand and abide by the laws and regulations of the state in which they are licensed. The licensing board oversees this to ensure compliances are met. If a private investigator does not have a license and has not gone through the proper channels to learn the laws of another state, it can have severe negative impacts on your case. 

At the J. P. Investigative Group, we are licensed in multiple states across the country to ensure that we can complete the investigation of your case in a timely and effective manner. We are familiar with local law enforcement and the courts of each state, and we are firmly aware of the boundaries we may not cross during the course of our work. We will always keep you informed of your case’s progress and where a certain state’s regulations may cause issues.

Contact Our Experienced Private Investigators

Our expert private investigators at the J. P. Investigative Group have the proper licensing and bonding in 16 states across the US so that no matter where your case takes us we are ready to conduct our investigation lawfully. We have over 25 years of investigative experience in cases of all varieties in many different states. 

If you are considering hiring a professional private investigator to help you solve your case, contact the J. P. Investigative Group. We are a trusted private investigation firm dedicated to helping you with whatever issue you may be facing. Call us today or fill out our online investigation form, and we will connect your case with a PI as soon as possible.


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