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5 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Dealing with suspicions of cheating isn’t easy. So many things are at stake, including your relationship.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, you have a lot to think about. However, before approaching them, pay attention to some of these signs that they might be cheating:

1. They’re gone more frequently than they used to be

This is a typical sign of an affair. Your spouse seems to have a lot more work at the office or more weekend calls to be on a business trip. However, they’re creating time to be with someone else. Even if your partner isn’t dishonest, spending less time together can sign that you’re losing interest in one another.

2. They’re focusing more on their appearance

Sudden changes in appearance can be a sign of adultery. For instance, if your spouse is putting on cologne/perfume more regularly than before, paying more attention to their grooming, working out more, and dressing nicer, it could be to appeal to someone else. Your partner is looking to impress someone — and if that someone isn’t you, there’s a good chance they’re having an affair.

3. They have become more affectionate

While it might not be one of the first few things to come to mind, a partner who is going out of their way — whether it’s with household chores, gifts, or public displays of affection, may have an affair with someone else. The need to cover up the affair, as well as the guilt, may motivate your partner to be more affectionate toward you.

4. The emotional distance has increased

All strong relationships require emotional honesty and conversation, which leads to emotional intimacy. Seeing that your spouse isn’t connecting with you emotionally but making excuses to stay away from you is one important sign of an affair. However, a partner not being emotionally available can also be a sign of general relationship issues, not just infidelity. But with relationship counseling and the right amount of work, you can always fix such issues.

5. There’s someone new they can’t stop talking about

A spouse who starts bringing up a running buddy, friend, or a new coworker could be a sign of infidelity. There’s always a possibility that your spouse is just excited about meeting with someone new, and there’s nothing inappropriate going on. However, you should also understand that infidelity exists on a continuum, and various forms of cheating exist. It’s not unusual for a new connection with another individual to gather intensity in a manner that appears innocuous initially and then slides over the line into something way outside the bounds of the committed relationship.

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