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How to Find Out if Your Spouse is on Dating Sites

Tired of Googling, ‘is my spouse on dating sites?’ Don’t worry; you can catch their digital footprints and check if they’re on dating sites. Read as we discuss how you can find out if your spouse is on such sites.

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Surveillance Tips to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Dealing with a situation where you think your spouse may be cheating can be extremely challenging. If you have suspicions that your spouse is having an affair, finding out the truth for yourself is essential. Here, we discuss some cheating partner surveillance tips to catch a disloyal spouse:

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When Should a Lawyer Hire a Private Eye?

Most lawyers rely on the information provided by private investigators to put together their cases and represent their clients. Since the number of cases lawyers have to juggle daily is high, hiring private investigators to help them in a variety of ways. Private investigators offer them access to information they wouldn’t have the time/resources to […]

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What a Private Investigator Cannot Do

Media has portrayed private investigators as superheroes that can obtain any information to save the day. Private investigators can be really helpful in collecting information and evidence, but they are not above the law. Their job is to gather information, uncover hidden facts and help their clients solve cases or mysteries, but there are many […]

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