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How Do I Tell if a Business Partner is Stealing?

Discovering if a business partner is stealing can be a challenging situation. However, some signs might indicate possible dishonesty or theft by a business partner. Here, we help you identify if a business partner fraud is being committed: Financial irregularities Look for unexplained discrepancies or irregularities in the company’s financial records. This can include missing funds, […]

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9 Key Elements of a Successful Investigation

Specific components play a vital role in achieving success when conducting an investigation, be it in the realm of legal affairs, workplace misconduct, or any other scenario requiring a thorough examination. These elements guarantee that the investigation is conducted efficiently and ethically and yields dependable outcomes. Here are some crucial elements of a successful investigation, […]

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The Role of Investigators in Fraudulent Insurance Claims

According to the FBI report, insurance fraud costs over $40 billion per year. It means that the average cost of insurance fraud for a family in the US is around $400 to $700 yearly in the form of high premiums. Insurance frauds are usually committed by policyholders, applicants, and 3rd party claimants where they carry out […]

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When Should You Hire a Private Investigator?

If you’re wondering whether or not you have a situation at hand that may require the expertise of an experienced Charlotte private investigator, you have come to the right place. In this post, we’ll walk you through the situations when you should hire a private investigator. The expertise of a private investigator comes in handy […]

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