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Cohabitation & Alimony: Proving the Ex is Living with Someone Else

Cohabitation investigations typically occur after a separation agreement is in place. In cases of divorce, alimony, asset division, and property assignments can all be affected by the outcome of a cohabitation investigation.

If you suspect your ex is cohabitating with another individual, in direct violation of a separation agreement, hiring a private investigator can help. The licensed professionals at JP Investigative Group, Inc. can get to the bottom of any problem using tried and true methods, in addition to the latest surveillance technology.

How to Prove Cohabitation

Proving cohabitation takes more than just a photograph or two.  You need documented proof of an ongoing cohabitation arrangement. Because each state’s requirements and the terms of individual agreements can vary, it is important to gather admissible and appropriate evidence of cohabitation. Engagements, joint bank accounts, the amount of time spent together and even toiletries can all be valuable pieces of the puzzle. Photographs and video surveillance of public displays of attention can also be used. However, each piece on its own is not enough.

To gather all of the necessary evidence needed to prove cohabitation, a private investigator needs to use every tool available to them. Surveillance, background investigations, financial auditing, speaking with witnesses and identifying those involved are all vital.

Benefits of Cohabitation Investigations

 This means that, even if your ex has relocated, if you hire one of our licensed private investigators, we are still able to legally obtain the evidence you need.  

At JP Investigative Group, Inc., we work to gather the evidence you will need in court. Because all of our private investigators are licensed, we understand the proper procedures and evidential guidelines pertinent to your case. This means that all evidence that we gather will be admissible in court as proof of cohabitation.

By establishing cohabitation, local authorities can prove that your ex is making fraudulent benefits claims as well. This can help to reduce or eliminate any alimony payments you make be making to an undeserving ex should they be in violation of your separation agreement.

If your ex is violating a separation agreement by cohabitating with another person, we can find out. Contact JP Investigative Group, Inc. today if you need help proving a separation agreement has been violated by cohabitation.


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