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Cohabitation Investigation

When Should You Use A Cohabitation Investigator

There are some circumstances where an individual needs evidence of a cohabitation agreement that has been broken and needs to hire someone for a cohabitation investigation. If the party has no evidence to present to the court of the broken agreement, an investigator gets involved to collect proof of the contract violation.


Many times cohabitation agreements are set up for the security of dividing property or assets up if the couple decides to split up. If they do not adhere to the agreement, then this is where one of the parties would need to seek out a cohabitation investigator to provide proof of violating the contract.

North Carolina Cohabitation Investigations

There are various circumstances where a cohabitation investigation needs to take place, and each case has its unique problems to resolve. Laws also vary from state to state, and it can be difficult to understand when an investigation is needed in regards to a cohabitation agreement. For example, many cohabitation investigations occur after a marriage separation. An agreement violation would take place if the other party has a boyfriend or girlfriend living with them. If there is documentation that is presented to show the court the dependent spouse collecting alimony is cohabitating with someone else, this is cause to put an end to future alimony in the state of North Carolina.

In North Carolina, the court has strict fact specific aspects of the situation that they review for each case. Meaning, that proof has to be gathered for more than a couple of occurrences. The court is detailed on whether personal belongings such as clothes and toiletries are at one another’s home, if they travel together, how many days they are staying with one another, if the couple is engaged, have joint bank accounts or if they show public displays of affection. It can be a confusing process, which is why a cohabitation investigation will be valuable to get the right evidence needed.

Get A Cohabitation Private Investigator on Your Side

There are many ways for a cohabitation investigator to collect information that will be reviewed in court. Some methods include surveillance, identifying individuals involved, interviewing witnesses, auditing financial assets and conducting background checks.

Cohabitation investigations usually depend on the agreement that is being violated, the budget and the time takes to collect the evidence to show to the court. It could take a couple of days to weeks depending on the type of case. Contact the professional team at J.P. Investigative Group for any cohabitation investigation or domestic family questions you may have.

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