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Domestic/Family Private Investigations

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A phone bill with frequent calls/texts from your spouse to a mysterious number. Or sudden late-night meetings with flimsy explanations. It’s probably nothing, but our private investigators will conduct surveillance (video or still photography) needed to address your concerns for a potentially cheating spouse. Let us handle your domestic family investigations Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.

You’re hiring a new nanny or day care service and find yourself wondering, “Who is this person watching my child, really?  Are they safe? Is there a criminal background? Are they qualified?”  There’s probably no problem, but you need to have a peace of mind by verifying your concerns through a background check/investigation.

You’re about to make the commitment of a lifetime – marriage. All you can think about is your future together. Yet, there are lingering questions about his or her past. It’s probably nothing, but a background check/investigation would remedy your concerns.

When you find yourself with concerns, there might be only one way to be sure: investigate the situation. J.P. Investigative Group has experienced and expert PIs available to investigate your domestic or family concerns with complete professionalism and discretion. Our private investigators will report back to you with the evidence to restore your peace of mind or to confirm your unfortunate assumptions. Either way, through proper and professional investigations, you finally know for sure what’s going on.

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