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How Do Private Investigators Conduct Surveillance?

According to the Federal Trade Commission data, consumers reported a loss of over $3.8 billion in 2022 to investment scams. The FTC report shows that nearly 2.4 million consumers experienced fraud, the most common being online shopping and imposter scams. If you, too, suspect an employee of indulging in internal fraud or a spouse cheating on you, don’t wait to act before the damage is done. Get in touch with a private or business fraud investigator in Charlotte. A PI can conduct surveillance to clear all doubts and collect crucial evidence.

Surveillance can be described as a close observation of an individual or a place for information collection. It is one of the most powerful and effective ways to gather invaluable information in legal proceedings and criminal investigations. However, surveillance must be conducted ethically and lawfully.

Reviewing gathered evidence


A private investigation company in Charlotte may collect evidence using multiple surveillance techniques. Here are the many ways a Charlotte, NC, private investigator conducts surveillance:

Physical Surveillance

It is the most common surveillance technique where the investigator secretly follows a person or their vehicle. It is a proven technique to track someone’s activities and whereabouts. For example, physical surveillance can be used to catch a cheating spouse who may be involved in an extramarital affair and visit their love interest in a hotel or other cities.

Electronic Surveillance

Electronic surveillance uses technology, the latest gadgets, and devices to monitor a person’s activities, home, or business. Private investigators track phone calls, emails, and social media activities via electronic surveillance and gather video footage. They use various devices like CCTV cameras, legal wiretapping, digital video equipment, and other electronic audio and visual means.

A private investigation company in Charlotte must adhere to proper surveillance regulations. And that is what we do. We conform to the law while getting our clients’ reliable evidence admissible to the court.

Corporate Surveillance

It is carried out to protect the company’s interests involving employee absence and insurance claims. Though your company may have a CCTV system installed to monitor the workplace, you can still use the services of a professional corporate fraud investigator to collect proof of employee misconduct and wrongdoing. In such situations, an investigator conducts covert surveillance, recording and monitoring the activities of suspects without them knowing about it. It’s the best way to find the truth and ensure the culprit is held accountable for their actions. After all, evidence collected through CCTV systems and in video footage is incontestable compared to witness statements.

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