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Is My Partner Cheating? 3 Red Flags

Has your partner or spouse started acting oddly around you? Do you suspect them of cheating? There are plenty of red flags that could indicate an issue with your relationship and if you have a cheating spouse. One sure way to find out is to hire a private investigator to follow your partner and truly find out what is going on.


Red Flags of Cheating

There are a lot of indicators that could indicate your partner is cheating, but here are three major indications. Has your spouse recently started dressing nicer and putting more effort into their appearance? Now, this could indicate a great many things. Maybe they recently lost a significant amount of weight and they are taking a renewed pride in their appearance. Maybe they recently got a new job and want to make a good first impression. However, if there are no other real major life changes happening, this could be a sign they are cheating on you. They are taking the time to improve their appearance to impress other individuals.

Has your spouse been more combative lately? It is possible they are projecting their misdeeds on to you because they know they are lying. This is a common tactic to dispel bad behaviors and make it seem like you are in fact the bad guy. Be wary if your partner starts acting defensive out of the blue and gets snappy at the slightest thing.

Suspicious Cheating Spouse

Have they recently become more protective about their phones or email? Do they get upset if you happen to look at their phone? Are they hiding their devices intentionally? This could be a big sign of cheating. If they have nothing to hide, then you looking at their phone should not matter. However, keep in mind that they could also be up to something completely innocent like planning a surprise party for you. Make sure you are aware of any upcoming events such as a birthday or anniversary before you start accusing your spouse of cheating.

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